The Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA) invites self storage owners and vendors to join. Members will benefit from leadership, information, products, networking, services and government representation. Seemingly simple changes in legislation can have devastating impacts to our self-storage industry. Only through the collective lobbying efforts of an association which represents our industry (ie. strength in numbers), will we be able to combat these issues when they arise.

Our Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics represents an effort to promote and maintain the high standards of professional service and business conduct among the members of the Association in all our dealings with our self storage customers.


Treat all of our customers with professionalism and courtesy.
Provide our customers with a safe, clean facility which is easily and efficiently accessible.
Charge a fair price, provide good customer service and conduct our businesses honestly.
Continually improve operaitons for the benefit of our customers and our industry vendors.
Value the health, well-being and safety of our employees.
Communicate accurate information in advertising and marketing our self storage property.
Respect the professional reputation or business of another member or competitor.
Promote sound legislative proposals affecting our industry.
Uphold the principles of this code as an obligation to ourselves, our association, our fellow members and our community.